My diverse experience from working in an AR VR Lab, Art Studios, Architecture Firms & other design mediums has helped me widen my perspectives. Having been on a sprint exploring different faces of design, I have understood its importance, and how fruitful they can be for any product. Ultimately, the creative process remains the same :)


Feel free to contact me if you'd like to collaborate or chat about anything else you're interested in!

Hi. I'am a multi-disciplinary designer with a major in architecture (Thesis). Currently, I m pursuing my masters in human computer interaction design at University of Washington


Collaborating on a few additional projects currently (as of Aug 2020), after my regular work hours at zeta.

‣ Nissan's AR Visualizer for XR Labs

‣ Product Website for Agnikul, a Chennai- based company making space accessible to everyone.

‣ Augmented Reality based educational products for Eduzo.

Clipbook - a series of satisfying graphics and animation

‣ A chrome plugin to overcome the paradox of choice in streaming platforms.

‣ Mixed Reality Products for Realworld One