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Dopamine is a contemporary, independent design studio established by me. We are focused on crafting identity & brand design, videos, web presence and digital experience.

We are headquartered in India, but we have built a remote workflow that allows us to work from anywhere in the world.


It all started with "Soup Boys"

Back in 2014, my friends and I used to hang out at a soup shop near our school. The person running the shop did not speak our language but was one of the kindest people I had ever met. Not many knew the shop existed, it didn't have a name or a board though he served some amazing soup.

We all urged him to set up a banner and do some flyers for marketing, he didn't act upon it for months. I ended naming the shop, making the logo & printing a small banner. He returned the favor with a free soup :’) That was the first time I designed something as a service.

The first logo I ever designed

Vision of Dopamine

When I decided to set up my studio, I wanted it to be a space for all disciplines of design that brings people together. I wanted it to be a place for people who don't take themselves seriously but put a lot of heart into what they do.

Early sketches of dopamine logo from 2016. I was obsessed with the imagery of a pill. Played around different shapes like round and oval, before finalizing on oblong pill.
Research & Synthesis

From branding to filmmaking to experience design

Design in general borrows from other disciplines and culture to grow. I passionately believe that design and emotion play a crucial role in bringing brands closer to people. The goal is to build holistic products which ties together all spheres of design.

I'm experienced in shaping visual identities across brand, product design, and motion, creating timeless and thoughtful experiences for a diverse range of local and international clients.

Skills & capabilities
how do i work?

🤝 Trust is built through cadence & not contracts

Over the years, I have realized one cannot innovate alone. I always spend enough time to set up the right team for each project. This is why there is no one tied to my studio, everyone are freelancers & vendors, who are assembled carefully for each project. This idea was born out of the very foundation of how I loved moving across products and projects, which kept my creative juice flowing.

With the right team, the design decisions can be governed by the stakeholders of the project, rather than a linear hierarchy.

🏹 Learning in action

I approach every problem with an open mind, and sometimes finding the best solutions means doing something completely unrelated. I'm not afraid to experiment, to try new things, or make mistakes along the way. It helps me stay on the edge. I always say “yes” to a project that is audacious and unique.

🍃 Sit down, listen, be humble

It is easy to assume the position of a savior, especially when you are in the position of directing the behavior of consumers. As a designer, I follow an open-door approach to communication, with my team and my clients. Every feedback is valuable, and it's important to take the time to truly understand, without ego, and be willing and ready to adapt.

selected projects

60+ projects in the past 6 years

Throughout the 6 years of running of my studio, I have been lucky to work with deep thinkers, problem solvers & passionate artists. Below are a few selected projects.

Agnikul | Branding & Web Presence

Feb' 21 - May' 21
Ankisha (brand), Akash(3D), Cibi (dev)

Branding & web design of an Indian aerospace manufacturer. The startup aims to develop and launch its own small lift launch vehicle, first commercial launch is expected in 2022. Worked closely with the CEO and Founder, to create a website that is clear, accessible & visually engaging

Agnikul Logo
Prime Minister of India with Agnikul team
40 sec video of Agnikul's Product "Agnibaan"
My Contribution
I led the user flow, architecture, visual design, motion design, execution & dev handoff.
The website was built especially for the series A funding. The company ended up raising $11m.

Nissan | Web AR Visualizer

Aug' 20 - Oct' 20
XR Labs (dev)

A cross-platform Web-based Augmented reality experience that allows the end customer to visualize an array of Nissan cars in immersive AR right from their browser without having to download any special application.

Screens from the application
Product walkthrough
My Contribution
I led the visual design, prototyping, motion design & dev handoff.
The experience now has more than 50k visits and has found its permanent place in Nissan Dubai’s official website.

Wealth 42 | Investment App

Jan ’22 - Apr ’22
Private Agency (research & management)

A mobile application that gives monthly investment recommendations, for people who face analysis paralysis in their investments and fail to decide how much to invest and where.

Screens from the application
Insights walkthrough
My Contribution
My responsibilities included conceptualization, ideation, wireframing, visuals, illustrations, prototyping & motion design.
This project was the company's first step into the mobile space. The product flow and visual style was well received by the leadership, and it is now under development. Expecting release by the end of August 2022

IKEA | VR Visualizer

Jan’18 - Apr’18
XR Labs (dev), Takeleap(management)

A VR Experience to be used as part of the Pop-Up Store concept in IKEA Dubai, to let the users visualize 100s of assets from a small real estate in matter of minutes, and in life size scale.

Storyboarding with HTC Vive
Product walkthrough
My Contribution
I led synthesizing research, conceptualization, stakeholder management, VR experiments, wireframing, interaction design and dev handoff.
The IKEA VR Experience was conducted in shopping centers in Amman, Marakesh, Tangier, Casablanca and Kuwait, which resulted in a 20% increase in footfall and sales for IKEA.

realworldOne | AR Customer Support

Oct ‘20 - Aug ‘21
realworldOne (design)

HoloLens Application, using which service teams can connect with their customers remotely to help solve specific service problems. Service personnel can give instructions to customers, mark objects in their field of view, as well as record and store videos/pictures of each support session for future reference.

Contact list AR Interface
Technical Analyst drawing in real space
My Contribution
I led competitor analysis, AR experiments, visual language, wireframing, storyboarding & execution
This project was the company’s first AR project, I helped setup their design team & foundation for interaction models.

Pixel & Mortar | Interior Design Creator Tool

Nov ‘20 - Mar ‘21
Pencil & Monk (design) , XR Labs (dev)

A platform for interior designers to manage their projects, clients & furniture assets. Interior designers can also create mood boards & plans using the furnitures which will be connected to real vendors in their locality, which can be directly shared with their clients.

Project details
3d asset library to drop into designers' plan when creating moodboards
2d planning screen
AR hotspot screen
My Contribution
I led the complete user flow and information architecture. Translated the team’s vision to a product. Defined visual language & interaction design.
The product’s visual language and interaction design was the foundation for other products from Pencil & Monk. The product is set for release in Aug 2022.

Eduzo | AR Creator & Viewer Platform

Jan ‘21 - Jan ‘22
Ramya (design)

Online creator platform for teachers to create AR lessons for K-12 students. The lessons are tailored to the curriculum. It is accompanied by a mobile AR viewer app for parents and kids.

Creator platform where you can manage your projects
Create your own lessons using 2d and 3d assets
Viewer app "frog" dissection
Viewer app "planets" lesson
Eduzo marketing video, showcasing the product
My Contribution
Worked closely with the design team at Eduzo on UX & architecture. Delivered the final designs and iterated based on feedback from teachers.
This product has helped Eduzo sign 6 different schools in South India. Increasing users from 1k to 30k within a year.

Miracle Movies | Branding Identity

Mar ’21 - July ‘21
Priyadarshini (Graphic), Arjun (Motion)

Miracle Movies is an Indian film studio. They aim at making movies that are emotionally honest and experientially cinematic in its form. Worked closely with the production head to build their branding.

Logo Design
Logo as a part of the production's movie poster
Logo reveal animation
My Contribution
Led the branding workshop, and headed art direction for the product. Animated the promo & designed the final logo.
The branding was appreciated by the head of production and team. The logo was launch with their first movie trailer “Trigger”
Closing notes

🥳 People before projects

I have made quite a few mistakes and learnt a lot over the years. I learnt the hard way to prioritize people over work. With the right team & vibe, even the simplest of product can shine the brightest. The most important takeaway has been to make sure everyone in the team feels included, has the space to voice their opinion and make mistakes.

🤸 Willingness to learn from everyone, everywhere

As a 20-year-old from architecture, I was upset when the carpenter with 20 years of experience wouldn't listen to my hacks to fix a wooden chair joint. I have made it a practice not to repeat that mistake. There is always an opportunity to learn from others, and it is important to trust and just listen before jumping to conclusions.

🦄 Learning to let go

This has been one of the hardest skills to develop. It has taken a lot of work to establish smooth processes, which includes a hands-off approach and letting the other designers follow their process, and to support them with the right resources & techniques to do their best work.