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4th trimester | Academia
Understanding how partners & birthing people go through 4th trimester together
healthcare, research
Story of us | Academia
An interactive VR dating environment that promotes conversation especially in first dates
dating, virtual reality, narrative design
Lucid | Academia
A communication device that allows wearer to project 3d holographics as they imagine & narrate stories
communication, brain computer interface, speculative design
Circle of Fire | Academia
An interactive firepit that gets more animated as more people sit around it & have conversations
exhibit, physical computing, spatial experience
Interactive Movies | Academia
A virtual space  before playing an interactive movie to increase viewer/player alignment with character
movie streaming, writing
Eduzo | Dopamine
A mobile application to host & view AR lessons created by respective schools & eduzo.
education, augmented reality, experience design
Wealth 42 | Dopamine
An investment app which suggests future investments based on your income & expenditure.
finance, mobile, experience design
Kuthiraivaal | Dopamine
Designed, animated & edited a music video for the movie “Kuthiraivaal” (Horsetail), that crossed over 100k views on YT.
music, filmmaking
Kuthiraivaal | Dopamine
Graphic art which illustrates the storyline of the movie “Kuthiraivaal” (Horsetail)
film, graphics
All at Once
A video series where a random interaction has an absurd, irrelevant reaction elsewhere.
art, silly
A todo app where every task you add disappears within 12 hrs, helping you get things done for the day.
productivity, mobile, silly
Does design exist? | Academia
Long form writeup questioning the need for design, and the existing constructs build around a designer.
philosophy, writing
Miracle Movies | Dopamine
Branding identity & intro animation for a production house producing films in south India.
film, branding
Aye Sinamika | Dopamine
Animated a music video made for the movie “Aye Sinamika”, but never got released officially.
music, filmmaking
Dy/Dx | Dopamine
Branding & website for a marketing agency based in India.
marketing agency, website, branding
realworldOne | Dopamine
An AR application that provides remote assistance for service teams
customer service, augmented reality, experience design
YourDoc | Dopamine
A mobile app that allows you book doctor and nurse visits for cases specific to covid.
healthcare, mobile, experience design
Amrita Susantika | Dopamine
Shot, starred & directed a music video for an independent musician based out of south India.
music, filmmaking
Pixel & Mortar | Dopamine
An online web platform to create moldboards and architectural plans for interior designers.
creator tool, web, experience design
Hugging Machine
A hugging machine made of paper and cardboard using servos, CPX and make Code
physical computing, silly
Meme generator
Random meme generator using images of my friends & professors with p5.js
p5js, silly
Agnikul | Dopamine
Branding & website for an aerospace manufacturer based out of India
aerospace, website, branding
Thinai | Dopamine
Branding identity for a architectural publication company based out of South India
publication, print, branding
AR Labs | Dopamine
A web and mobile marketplace of AR lessons & games for K-12 students
education, web, experience design
realworldOne | Dopamine
A web application to create standard operating procedures for industries in mixed reality.
customer service, web, experience design
Design minus design
Animated & edited a video essay on Indian flag and its history
history, filmmaking
Maara | Dopamine
Promotional 2D Gifs created for the characters of the movie “Maara” released in prime video
film, animation
Kuvira Cybernetics | Dopamine
Failed branding projects for an AR  + ML company based out of South India
machine learning, branding
26 day Adobe type challenge with my own twist
art, silly
Billing Dashboard | Zeta
Designed a dashboard to manage bills and clients of zeta for an internal hackathon
finance, web, experience design
NPCI PayAuth | Zeta
Presentation on alternative solutions for payment authentication and authorization in UPI
finance, presentation
Tula | Dopamine
Pitch deck for a new age health + wellness resort based out of South India.
wellness, presentation
Olympus | Zeta
An online marketplace of financial services for banks & fintechs
finance, web, experience design
Performance Center | Zeta
An application performance monitoring (APM) platform for PaaS solutions under Zeta
monitoring, web, experience design
Hera God | Zeta
An internal tool that helps manage various PaaS and SaaS offerings provided to the customer
management, web, experience design
Spend Manager | Zeta
An internal tool to identify costs for services used by zeta, & identify unused resources so that they can be managed better
monitoring, web, experience design
Authentication Center | Zeta
A platform to create and manage authentication and authorization rules for access within the organization
authentication, web, experience design
Finance Center | Zeta
A platform to manage accounting, right from recording transactions to summarizing and analyzing financial reports
finance, web, experience design
Application Center | Zeta
A platform to control the features of the company’s applications using tools, rules and mechanisms provided by zeta
SDK management, web, experience design
Design System | Zeta
Designed and documented sections of zeta’s banking design system.
web, design system
Dezine | Zeta
Designed sections of zeta’s annual magazine related to banking
print, visual design
3D secure ACS | Zeta
3D secure platforms serviced by zeta and customized for different international banks
finance, web, visual design
HDFC Mobile App | Zeta
Designed sections of HDFC consumer facing application serviced by Zeta
finance, mobile, experience design
Ferrari | Dopamine
Ebook reader for the classic edition of Ferrari Opus on Michael Jackson’s history
ebook, mobile, visual design
Eduzo | Dopamine
Augmented reality games based on 5th grade physics and chemistry in iPad
education, ipad, experience design
Your Shop | Dopamine
Illustrations for pick and drop application based out of North America
delivery, mobile, graphics
Orocorp | Dopamine
Branding for a gold loan application based out of South India
finance, branding
Organium | Dopamine
Branding and web presence for a pharma-company based out of Dubai
pharma, branding
Future Lawyers | Dopamine
Branding for a law firm based out of South India
legal, branding
A series of satisfying GIFs rooted in South India and its culture
art, silly
Film on Notes
A series of 7 short films based on excerpts from books and articles.
art, filmmaking
Izhai | Dopamine
A photobook capturing the heart of urban terrace culture in south india for an Indian clothing brand
fashion, art direction
Control Center | Zeta
A platform to create and manage rules governing the multiple accounts and their transactions within a bank / fintech
management, web, experience design
VBO Center | Zeta
A platform to manage other fintechs and their services for the legacy banks
management, web, experience design
Workshop | Zeta
Conducted a workshop on p5js for 40 odd attendees at zeta annual design meetup
p5js, speaking
Izhai | Dopamine
Shot and directed a photo series “After the dream” for an Indian clothing brand
fashion, art direction
Express | Zeta
A digital cafeteria solution for corporates & their employees
food, mobile, experience design
Say No | Dopamine
Branding for a healthy gluten free snack company based out of South India
food, branding
Baking Culture | Dopamine
Branding and collaterals for a pastry shop based out of South India
food, branding
State Government | Dopamine
An application where kids can draw butterflies and it to the virtual butterfly park for state government of India
kids, tv, visual design
Swami | Dopamine
A sermon app for a religious guru based out of South India
religion, app, experience design
Chennai Airport | Dopamine
Backdrop design for an AR exhibit built by XR Labs for Chennai Airport
print, visual design
LandT | Dopamine
An onsite feedback application for Larson and Turbo employees
feedback, web, experience design
Izhai | Dopamine
A photo series called “kayilai” celebrating local artisans for an Indian clothing brand
fashion, art direction
Mohammed Azhar
Edited a fashion reel for a photographer which got featured in Lumix India
fashion, filmmaking