I'm a product designer with an interest in experimental art, currently in Seattle.

I strive for honest collaboration & narrative behind design.

If you would like to chat, you can reach me through my email:
lksh96479@gmail.com ↗
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Lakshmanan Palani

I have spent the past 4 years designing complex financial products, building with emerging technologies like virtual & augmented reality, and exploring film + art. I also have background in multi-disciplinary design, brand, strategy and experimental art. Having explored all these, I have come to realize that the creative process remains the same.

I'm graduating with my Master's in Human Computer Interaction Design from University of Washington in Aug 2022.

Did I mention I love making videos & art?
26-day type challenge with my own twist ↗
Collaborated with 26 different people across India, for the yearly type challenge from Adobe
Music Video for the movie “Kuthiraivaal” ↗
Conceptualized, designed & animated a music video for an Indian movie which is now on Netflix. The video has crossed 100k views in YouTube.
After Hours (As of June 2022)
Building Today-ist using Swift Playground
Today-ist is an app where the to-do items you add disappear within 12 hrs. It is for urgent and important tasks. I have released an android version which is now in beta testing.
“All at once” short form video series ↗
The movie “everything everywhere all at once” had a huge impact on me. Started a 6-part video series on Instagram, exploring how a random interaction has an absurd response elsewhere.
Brief history of realizations
"One can't turn right without making a short-left turn when riding a bicycle"
~ circa 2008
"Pluto is not a planet."
~ circa 2012
"Monsters Inc is not a movie about a monster who scares children, but about an adult embracing parenthood."
~ circa 2015
"Pluto is a planet. Truth is subjective"
~ circa 2020
"No one can remember smell. I cannot remember smell"
~ circa 2022
AR/VR Designer
realworldOne (2020 - 2021)
Sr. Product Designer
Zeta Tech (2018 - 2021)
AR/VR Designer
XR Labs (2017 - 2018)
Founder & Design Generalist
Dopamine (2016 - present)
Art Lab (2016 - 2017)
Master's in Human-Computer Interaction Design
University of Washington (2021 - 2022)
Bachelor of Architecture
MIDAS - Anna University (2012 - 2017)
Outstanding Performer
Zeta Tech (2021)
Stellar Performer
Zeta Tech (2020)
Outstanding Performer
Zeta Tech (2019)
Top 10 Design Scholars
DesignUp (2019)
Design Thesis Award
NIASA (2017)
Barrier Free Design Award
Annual NASA Convention (2015)